Greasepaint Productions: Next to Normal

The Greasepaint Productions musical “Next to Normal” was also the weekend before finals. Greasepaint is a Bi-Co theater club that puts together one small musical per semester. Their shows are in the Bryn Mawr Hepburn teaching theater or the Haverford DC Blackbox. “Next to Normal” is about a family trying to deal with the mother’s bipolar disorder. The father and the mother married when they were young. Since the mother’s bipolar diagnosis, the father is fighting depression, the mother hallucinates about her dead son and misses her emotions she doesn’t feel while on medication, and the daughter feels neglected and turns rebellious.8bbad5f0-4b70-4452-a03a-1c794c2f6cf7

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Magic Gardens

One of the classic Philadelphia tourist attractions is Magic Gardens, a courtyard on South Street covered in mosaics and interesting objects. It is artist Isaiah Zagar’s largest public artwork and he completed the gardens in a 14 year time span (1994-2008). Almost every Bryn Mawr student has pictures of themselves at Magic Garden on their Facebook profiles.12369028_10154166834797923_7783763126095239897_n

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BMCS Gallant // Javelin // Lauv Concert

This Friday night was the Bryn Mawr Concert Series concert of the semester! Instead of our usual 2 concerts per semester, we did one big concert. Gallant won our voting survey for the main act, Sydney and Ann (2 BMCS committee members) chose Lauv, and I chose Javelin as the other acts.

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BMCS Bonding + Miley Cyrus Concert Review

The Bryn Mawr Concert Series committee enjoyed a fun night together this past Saturday night. (No, we didn’t go to Snowball.) We had received SGA funding to do bonding activities, which meant dinner at Sushiland and a Miley Cyrus concert. Our committee is made up of students who apply through SGA appointments to join, so not everyone knows each other before joining (or has the same music taste).IMG_9648 Continue reading

Career Paths in Game Design: A Panel Discussion

When you play games, do you wonder what goes into designing them, making them, marketing them? Do you wonder how the place of women in the game industry has or has not changed over the years? Do you wonder how you might break into the industry and what kind of roles are available and viable? Dr. Jennifer Spohrer (Bryn Mawr College), Nicole Kline and Anthony Amato (Cardboard Fortress Games), and Ron Magin (Mayfair Games) discuss the aspects of the gaming industry and the creative process behind designing games. The even was organized and moderated by Patrick Crowley, Rare Books Catalog Librarian at Bryn Mawr College Library.86e0b2cc-4e26-4a1c-b83f-e80aa9ea5401 Continue reading

“Dance of the Neurons” Masterclass

On Thursday, the Bryn Mawr College Dance Department brought choreographer Jody Oberfelder to the Modern III dance class to lead a masterclass on neuroscience and dance. She recently choreographed a dance exploring the motions and functions of neurons (brain cells), and we got to watch short excerpts of her piece, “Dance of the Neurons.”

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“Sociological Observations of a Communications Revolution: Introducing Mobile Telephones in a Developing South East Asian Nation” by May Lwin

Also on Wednesday, the Bryn Mawr College Department of Sociology hosted a public lecture presented by May Lwin, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research on “Sociological Observations of a Communications Revolution: Introducing Mobile Telephones in a Developing South East Asian Nation” focused on cellphone usage in Myanmar. May Lwin was born in Myanmar before moving to Singapore during her childhood. She graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr with a B.A. in sociology in 1986.82bad0b9-0d3d-4c6d-9933-c6d626238163 Continue reading

Bryn Mawr Varsity Badminton Defeats Swarthmore

On Wednesday, the Bryn Mawr Varsity Badminton Team defeated the Swarthmore Varsity Badminton Team 5-2!6893f25a-dd76-48fd-8a85-c698a1917a46

The badminton team is very dear to me because almost my entire Hell family (including my roommate who is also team manager) is part of the team. I also like to play recreationally myself, but I don’t have the time to play a varsity sport. I came to support my friends and to watch the game of friendly Tri-Co rivalry.

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