BMCS Gallant // Javelin // Lauv Concert

This Friday night was the Bryn Mawr Concert Series concert of the semester! Instead of our usual 2 concerts per semester, we did one big concert. Gallant won our voting survey for the main act, Sydney and Ann (2 BMCS committee members) chose Lauv, and I chose Javelin as the other acts.

Here’s a recap of the night:FullSizeRender

2:00PM: Stage Set Up

2:30PM: Lighting + Tech arrive to set up

3:00PM: A BMCS committee member and I go shopping to buy the food and equipment requested by the artists. Gallant wanted 1 case of water, tea, honey, coffee, veggie tray, hummus, sandwiches. Javelin wanted 1 case of water, drumsticks, 2 9V batteries. Lauv wanted 1 case of water and 4 pack of energy drinks. (We hit up Acme, WaWa, Trader Joe’s, Rite Aid.)

4:00PM: Javelin arrives.

4:15PM: We arrive back at the Campus Center to set up green rooms for the artists to stay in while they wait to perform. I process SGA receipts for reimbursement.

4:30PM: Gallant arrives.

5:00PM: Dinner break.

6:30PM: Gallant soundcheck.

7:00PM: Lauv arrives.

7:15PM: Javelin soundcheck.

7:50PM: Lauv soundcheck.

8:15PM: Doors open.

9:00PM: Concert starts.

9:00PM – 9:30PM: LauvIMG_9725

9:40PM – 10:10PM: JavelinIMG_9743

10:20PM – 11:05PM: GallantIMG_9770

11:45PM – 1:10AM: Awkward afterparty with DJ and Haverbros who mixed up Gallant with DJ Gallantis.

1:15AM: Clean up. Dismantle stage. Help lighting + tech pack up speakers.

2:00AM: The power of teamwork got us out by 2AM.

Total Number of unique people: 312

My song suggestions:

  • Lauv: Reforget, The Other
  • Javelin: Light Out, Vibrationz
  • Gallant: Weight In Gold, Open Up

Fun Facts:

  • Lauv is only 21! Gallant is 24! They both went to NYU!
  • Javelin members are cousins.
  • This was Lauv’s 1st live show and his 5th show ever!
  • My friend dressed up in yellow so she could be gold. She wanted Gallant to pull her “weight in gold.”