Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

On Sunday, my friend Joy’17 and I went to see the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia. We were blown away by the theatrical expression, artistry, and technique these dancers brought to the stage!

This weekend was perfect timing to go out to see the dance production because finals were done! I wanted to take advantage of the last few times I could purchase a $10 student rush ticket with my student ID before it expires. I also wanted to take advantage of my proximity to Philadelphia because who knows where I’ll be in a few months. It must have been my lucky day because the box office gave me a FREE ticket when I arrived because someone could not go and requested that the ticket be given to a student. Even better, it was a front orchestra seat in the third row right in the middle! Even better, my friend Joy managed to buy a student rush ticket right next to mine!

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet performed 3 pieces with an 11 person ensemble. I enjoyed all three, but each had their unique styles reflecting the choreographer’s intent.

The first piece was choreographed by Cherice Barton, who has choreographed for Disney and Katy Perry. The piece examined happiness and how we individually choose to seek it. It started off very light and happy, but quickly transitioned to a dark, serious tone on expectations for happiness and putting on a happy face just to smile.

The second piece was called Silent Ghost. I liked the lighting design for this one. The synchronized sections where all the male dancers danced together and where all the female dancers danced together stood out to me.

The last piece was my favorite. The bold costume choice of all red accentuated the movement and Spanish flare. I loved the music and the Spanish flavor as shown through the hand placements and the pompous facial expressions.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet displayed a worldly repertoire of dance. I did not expect such bold and unique pieces from the promotional pictures which looked just like any other contemporary ballet company. ASFB left a lasting impression of what good dance looks like, and I would definitely see them perform again.