InVisIBle: A Thesis Performance

I had the honor of working with my good friend JoyAngelica Chan’17 and 5 other Bi-Co dancers on Joy’s thesis dance piece InVisIBle, which was performed¬†last Saturday and Sunday nights in the Hepburn Teaching Theater. Joy had been working on this project for the past 9 months, including the approximate¬†4 months of rehearsals with the dancers. Continue reading

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence Performance

The Ronald K. Brown/Evidence Dance Company came to Bryn Mawr College as part of the Bryn Mawr Performing Art Series on Friday February 26 to perform excerpts from four different pieces: Torch (2013). Lessons: March (excerpt) (1995), The Subtle One (2014), and Grace (1999/2004).62a8389c-c667-4262-8a75-23fea5594416

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“Dance of the Neurons” Masterclass

On Thursday, the Bryn Mawr College Dance Department brought choreographer Jody Oberfelder to the Modern III dance class to lead a masterclass on neuroscience and dance. She recently choreographed a dance exploring the motions and functions of neurons (brain cells), and we got to watch short excerpts of her piece, “Dance of the Neurons.”

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