“Sexual Liberation, Socialist Style. Gender, Sex, and Politics in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989” by Katerina Liskova

Today, my history professor Anita Kurimay brought visiting guest speaker, and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, Katerina Liskova to our class to sit in on our discussion on how communist leaders, intellectuals, and everyday people responded to the suppression of reform movements in East Central Europe.

unnamedWe focused on anti-politics and ethics as a means for people to stop participating in public life away from Communist party scrutiny. People had stopped believing in “socialism with a human face” and instead turned to private life, religion, culture, moral issues, ethics, and anti-politics.

Katerina Liskova’s area of interest is in sexology, which involves aspects of both private and public life. Her opinion on anti-politics in East Central Europe was that it was sometimes difficult to separate private and public life when the Communist party was heavily invested in the reproductive health of their people as a reflection of the growth and strength of socialism.

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Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert

Last night was the Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert, and I could not be more proud of all the talented dancers/choreographers/lighting/sound/stage managers and thankful for the support of the audience. According to the co-directors Joy and Kyra, this show had the most pieces, the most variety, and the biggest crowd yet (even the balcony was filled!).

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Come to the Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert!

The months of hard practice are finally coming to an end. The Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert is this Saturday, November 21th 8pm at Haverford College’s Marshall Auditorium! The FSDC is a platform for independent student choreographers and dance groups within the Bi-Co to showcase their latest works. This year, there are over 20 different pieces!

I’ve been participating since last year. I love performing whenever there’s a chance and would have participated my first year as well, but I missed the deadline to join. Last year, I was in 3 dances. I adapted choreography from the K-Pop dance “What’s Your Name” by 4Minute for the Choom Boom K-Pop Dance Club and participated as a dancer for 2 of my friend Joy’s pieces. This year, I am only in 2 pieces: Choom Boom and Joy’s piece. I would usually be leading a Choom Boom piece as well, but that’s all the time I could commit this year. I wish I had more time to dance in more pieces.

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Physics Research at Haverford with Maple Lee BMC’17

A couple weekends ago, I ran into my hell sister Maple Lee (BMC’17) while boarding the Blue Bus to Haverford for brunch. I don’t see her that often because she majors in Physics at Haverford, so most of her classes are there. After catching up with each other over brunch, we found out we were headed in the same direction – she to her Physics research lab and I to the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. I took a detour to the gallery by following Maple to her lab.dfe57225-5ff2-4fc9-ac84-b3e624763cbd

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Strength In Numbers: Sights and Sounds of the Asian American Hip Hop Generation at PAAFF

Last night was the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival‘s centerpiece event at International House Philadelphia— Strength In Numbers: Sights and Sounds of the Asian American Hip Hop Generation. The event consisted of a screening of select music videos, a panel discussion on Asian Americans in Hip Hop, and live performances by artists included in the Strength in Numbers project.The panelists included the Mountain Brothers (Scott CHOPS Jung, Chris PERIL-L Wang, Steve STYLES INFINITE Wei), Catzie Vilayphonh of Yellow Rage, rappers Rekstizzy and Joanlee, and singers JL Jupiter and Ann One. The panel was moderated by Dr. James Peterson (Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University, Founder of Hip Hop Scholars, Inc and a frequent Guest Commentator on MSNBC and CNN).

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Lin + Lam Experimental Film Artists Talk “Citizens of Tomorrow”

On Monday, the Bryn Mawr Film Studies department welcomed mixed media experimental film artists duo Lin + Lam. Lana Lin (Associate Professor in the School of Media Studies, The New School) and Lan Thao Lam (Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Parsons) have been working together for over 15 years making arts that examine culture, history, colonialism, globalization, and citizenship. Professor Hoang Tan Nguyen, who teaches Asian American Film, invited Lin + Lam to Bryn Mawr to discuss their projects and working methodologies.


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East Meets West – West Meets East: North Indian Classical Music Concert

This past weekend was Haverford’s Weekend of Musical Celebration honoring the Class of 1965, funded by the Kessinger Family Foundation. This year’s theme was East Meets West – West Meets East, a blend of Asian and Western style music. There was a concert on Saturday night and a concert on Sunday afternoon, but I only attended the Saturday night concert featuring North Indian Classical Music by Kala Ramnath (violin), Ken Zuckerman (sarod), and Abhijit Banerjee (tabla).unnamed

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The Wall in Our Heads Exhibit

Not too long ago, I visited the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford for their The Past is a Foreign Country exhibit. I was back today for their latest exhibit The Wall in Our Heads. The exhibition, curated by Haverford Postdoctoral Writing Fellow Paul Farber, features artworks by American artists reflecting on social political boundaries during the Cold War in Berlin and throughout American history leading up to today’s issues. 2015 also marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany.unnamed

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Re:Humanities 2016 Call For Papers!

It’s also that time of year again… the Re:Humanities 2016 Call for Papers! I am part of the working group, comprised of students from the Tri-Colleges (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore), who puts together an annual 2-day digital humanities conference of undergraduate presentations and keynotes by prominent digital humanities researchers. We are now in the process of sending out the CFP (Call for Papers) and waiting for submissions. ReHum-14-BlackConference: March 31-April 1, 2016 at Bryn Mawr College
Submission Deadline: January 1, 2016 (Midnight GMT)

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