From a Senior to a First Year

Tonight was my dorm hall’s first Hall Tea. I got to know my neighbors, mostly first years, while eating ice cream. Admittedly, I don’t usually show up to all the hall teas, but I make an extra effort to attend the first one. It’s only respectful to my Hall Advisor who puts in so much work to organize these teas, and I truly am curious about what the first years on my hall are like. Ice cream was also a great lure (get it? Pokemon Go reference).


My room in Denbigh

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The Last First Day

Yesterday was my first day of senior year. Not surprisingly, I knew where all my classrooms were and felt pretty set in my schedule despite it also being shopping week. I watched as my fellow Mawrters navigated the maze also known as the Park science building halls, crowded the bookstore to purchase textbooks, and compared class schedules with each other. What I most looked forward to that day was Convocation, the event where seniors dress in black gowns to parade into Goodhart and listen to motivational speeches and celebrate seniority for the first time.unnamed
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A Quick Summer Recap

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent this past summer volunteering with the Amity Foundation in China. I was accompanied by three other Bi-Co students: 2 from Bryn Mawr and 1 from Haverford. Our team got really close as friends over the course of our two-month internship volunteering at a senior community center, a child development center for autistic children, a vocational center for mentally disabled adults, and teaching English to middle school and high school students in North Western China.14063950_10154847251827923_2658943581130850024_n
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