Kiyoyuki Seguchi on “The Recent Change of the Chinese Economy and Japan-China Relations”

This past Tuesday September 27, the Bryn Mawr College Political Science department invited Kiyoyuki Seguchi, Research Director of the Canon Institute for the Global Studies, to lecture on the Chinese economy and Japan-China relations. Citing China’s recent transition into domestic-demand from export-investment and the rapid growth of the middle class, Seguchi hypothesized the future of China’s regional and global influences. The event was organized by my former political science professor, Professor Seung-Youn Oh, and she encouraged Seguchi to also include South Korea in his presentation.image Continue reading

“How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)” Film Screening with ASA

Last week on April 25, the Asian Students Association hosted a screening of the film “How to Win at Checkers (Every Time).” The 2015 film by Korean American director Josh Kim is based on Thai American writer Rattawut Lapcharoensap’s acclaimed 2004 short story collection “Sightseeing,” a story about growing up in Thailand as told through the lens of a lower class boy (Oat) observing his older brother (Ek) go through the military draft and work to support the family.

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Announcing My Summer 2016 Plans!

I am pleased to announce that I will be spending this summer in Nanjing, Xian, and Hong Kong! I will travel to Nanjing and Xian as part of Haverford College’s Center for Peace and Global Justice (CPGC) partnership with Amity Foundation, a Chinese Christian NGO. The four of us student interns (3 from BMC, 1 from HC) will volunteer at community centers in Nanjing for the elderly and autistic children. We will then travel to rural Xian to assist in teaching English to middle school children. After the program, I plan on visiting family in Hong Kong. I am also very excited because this will be my first time in Asia.


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“Sociological Observations of a Communications Revolution: Introducing Mobile Telephones in a Developing South East Asian Nation” by May Lwin

Also on Wednesday, the Bryn Mawr College Department of Sociology hosted a public lecture presented by May Lwin, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research on “Sociological Observations of a Communications Revolution: Introducing Mobile Telephones in a Developing South East Asian Nation” focused on cellphone usage in Myanmar. May Lwin was born in Myanmar before moving to Singapore during her childhood. She graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr with a B.A. in sociology in 1986.82bad0b9-0d3d-4c6d-9933-c6d626238163 Continue reading