Finals Week Fall 2016

Writing in retrospective always puts things in a more positive light, but I’d like to believe that I could not have asked for a more perfect end to my fall semester of senior year. With finals done and winter break in full swing, I am taking the time to reflect on the academic and social journey that Finals Week: Fall 2016 edition has taken me on so far.FullSizeRender 8 Continue reading

Finals Week at the Mawr

It’s finals at Bryn Mawr. To make this moment even worse, it’s been rainy and gloomy non-stop since May Day. I actually have a pretty light finals load this semester. One of my papers was due before finals started, one of my finals was scheduled the Monday after May Day (so I couldn’t procrastinate about it), and all I have left is a Theater response and a Physics paper. I actually quite enjoy finals season because I don’t have class, so I actually have a lot more free time. But how does the rest of the Bryn Mawr community celebrate finals?


Sometimes I like to study by writing all over chalkboards.

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