Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert

Last night was the Bi-Co Fall Student Dance Concert, and I could not be more proud of all the talented dancers/choreographers/lighting/sound/stage managers and thankful for the support of the audience. According to the co-directors Joy and Kyra, this show had the most pieces, the most variety, and the biggest crowd yet (even the balcony was filled!).

I was happy to see both Bryn Mawr and Haverford students in the crowds (and some parents). My parents even drove down from New Jersey to see the show. Dancers really feed off the energy of the cheers from the audience, especially when they’ve just spent the whole day at Haverford for dress rehearsal prior to the show and months practicing. I really liked that when dancers weren’t on stage performing their pieces, they were watching in the audience to support the other dancers — now that’s a true Bi-Co friendship. I didn’t perform until the second half of the show, so I got to watch the first half with my parents, pointing out some of my friends on stage to my parents and just enjoying the show.

Above is a video of one of Choom Boom’s pieces recorded on a cellphone. I’m the one in the cropped black short sleeve shirt and pony tail with half blonde hair. The entire show was recorded, and there were photographers taking pictures throughout the show. I can’t wait for those videos and pictures to be released so I can share them with you all because EVERYONE DID SUCH A GREAT JOB!!! Of course, at the end, the Bryn Mawr students anassed.

Thank you & Anassa Kata to all who made the FSDC possible!