Parade Night

A new year, a new start to the traditions cycle. First up, Parade Night. Held on the first Friday of the first week of classes, Bryn Mawr first years rush through Pembroke Arch and the friendship poles into the welcoming crowd of sophomores throwing confetti, juniors gently throwing candy, and seniors watching and cheering from the Taylor Hall senior steps.unnamed-2 Continue reading

Finals Week at the Mawr

It’s finals at Bryn Mawr. To make this moment even worse, it’s been rainy and gloomy non-stop since May Day. I actually have a pretty light finals load this semester. One of my papers was due before finals started, one of my finals was scheduled the Monday after May Day (so I couldn’t procrastinate about it), and all I have left is a Theater response and a Physics paper. I actually quite enjoy finals season because I don’t have class, so I actually have a lot more free time. But how does the rest of the Bryn Mawr community celebrate finals?


Sometimes I like to study by writing all over chalkboards.

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