Finals Week at the Mawr

It’s finals at Bryn Mawr. To make this moment even worse, it’s been rainy and gloomy non-stop since May Day. I actually have a pretty light finals load this semester. One of my papers was due before finals started, one of my finals was scheduled the Monday after May Day (so I couldn’t procrastinate about it), and all I have left is a Theater response and a Physics paper. I actually quite enjoy finals season because I don’t have class, so I actually have a lot more free time. But how does the rest of the Bryn Mawr community celebrate finals?


Sometimes I like to study by writing all over chalkboards.

24-Hour Canaday
Yes, our library actually stays open 24 hours on the weekdays of finals. For some, this means studying extra hard in the library (with the occasional Insomnia Cookies or Campus Corner treats). For others, this is their chance to sleepover in the library.

Pop Ups
The President’s Office treated students to a Popsicle Pop Up on Wednesday May 4th. I heard the popsicles were yummy and the line was long.

Last Minute For Free & For Sale Posts
This coincides with the end of the year. Mawrters try to sell off their unused items or clean their room before the school year ends.

Stay Healthy
Self-Care is important in these last two weeks. Treat yourself to a real meal in the dining hall instead of instant ramen. Go to sleep instead of pulling an all-nighter.

Senior Bell Ringing
It is tradition for Bryn Mawr seniors to ring the Taylor Hall bell when they finish their finals. 16 times for Class of 2016. Good thing I live on the other side of Denbigh not facing Taylor Hall. Last year, I lived on the side of Denbigh facing Denbigh Green and seniors would ring the bell at awkward times like 2AM in the morning or when I was trying to study. I guess I’ll understand when I’m a senior.

Done is better than not done. Done is better than perfect. Done is better than procrastination. Done is better than trying too hard. Done is how you should treat your finals.

How good have I been at following my own advice listed above? I was actually sick the past 2 days, so I was dealt a major setback in being a productive being. I slept through most of the past 2 days and survived on instant ramen, lots of tissues, and NyQuil. Due to my sickness, I also missed out on the Tri-Co Film Festival, and I’m behind on my blog writing. But I’ve recovered now and aim to finish my theater response today so all I will have left is my physics paper. I blame the weather. It doesn’t feel like the end of the year because it’s been wet and cold. The only thing we have left to do is to push through and finish, because done is so, so good.

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