Finals Week Fall 2016

Writing in retrospective always puts things in a more positive light, but I’d like to believe that I could not have asked for a more perfect end to my fall semester of senior year. With finals done and winter break in full swing, I am taking the time to reflect on the academic and social journey that Finals Week: Fall 2016 edition has taken me on so far.FullSizeRender 8FINALS WEEK:

Monday December 12. Two of my close friends invited me to their thesis presentations. Friend Chaiprasit is a biology major and presented on proposing a safeguard reversal gene drive using CRISPR/Cas9 technique on the gene controlling for fertility in mosquitos carrying malaria. Amy Xu is a philosophy major and presented a case of hermeneutical injustice involving an Asian man interviewing for a job involving computer science skills. Both presentations were well done and demonstrated adequate preparation and knowledge on the subject. I enjoy supporting my friends by showing up to their presentations.


Tuesday December 13, 11AM. Friend Chaiprasit finished defending her thesis and celebrated by burning the cover page of her thesis. This apparently is a small tradition shared by a few students. Last year, Friend helped our heller Lamei burn the cover page of her thesis too. As usual, they made a video documenting the event. Burning is not an action of hate toward one’s thesis, but rather a declaration of freedom after months of hard work. I filmed Friend’s thesis burning event, and she edited it and uploaded it to her Facebook. It’s quite epic.

Wednesday December 14, 4:19PM. I FINISHED! I usually do not finish my finals until Thursday or sometimes Friday morning, but this time I was on top of it. I think it is partly due to my roommate having to leave on Wednesday to fly back to her home in China. That work ethic rubbed of on me and my other roommate to finish as early as possible. I also wanted to finish by Wednesday afternoon so I could hang out with some friends in Philly carefree.

Thursday December 15. Celebratory brunch with my friend Joy in Chinatown. She wasn’t done, but she just got bottom braces, so we had soft sweet tofu. She was also sick, so we hurried back to Bryn Mawr because it was super cold. I ran into my roommate Friend handing in her last final, and we returned to our dorm to take naps. After waking up, I made a final radio show of the year. Friend and I watched Baby Cobra by comedian Ali Wong, then treated ourselves to pho at Pho Street. It was a cold walk, but worth it. Dining hall food kinda goes downhill toward the end of the year. We spent the rest of the night packing our bags for winter break.

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