First Week of Classes at Bryn Mawr

New classes, fresh classmates, the R100, two dance ensemble auditions, a canceled culture show, and a winter snow storm later, I have finally finished my first week of classes at Bryn Mawr!


I am taking 4 classes this semester: Advanced Electronics Lab, Fundamentals of NutritionThree Faces of Chinese Power: Money, Might, and Minds, Might, and Fundamentals of Technical Theater. In addition, I successfully auditioned into the Hip-Hop and Jazz Ensembles.

This semester is one of many firsts. This is the first time I am taking a Penn class, my first time taking an 8 hour a week lab class, my first time taking a 300 level humanities class, my first time taking an Art/Theater class, and my first time attempting to dance in more than 1 dance ensemble at a time.

The homework is already piling up… just like the snow right now!!!
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Colorism Discussion with A/ASA + SAS

Last night, the Asian American Students Association (A/ASA) and South Asian Students (SAS) hosted a discussion on skin color discrimination within Asian communities. This is a very serious problem within our communities, and I was glad both affinity groups joined together in solidarity to share experiences and different perspectives.

Colorism: Discrimination against individuals with darker skin tone, typically among the same ethnic or racial group.
12119025_1169988569683667_8387373739220412479_nSome of the questions we considered were: Continue reading