SAS Culture Show

Also on Saturday night was the South Asian Students Culture Show. This year, the theme of the South Asian Students Annual Culture Show was “Dekh Magar Pyar Se” which loosely translates to “Look, but with love.” Students portrayed this through various forms of dances, songs and spoken word poetry.12729200_10154335515777923_9187538655143394621_n

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Colorism Discussion with A/ASA + SAS

Last night, the Asian American Students Association (A/ASA) and South Asian Students (SAS) hosted a discussion on skin color discrimination within Asian communities. This is a very serious problem within our communities, and I was glad both affinity groups joined together in solidarity to share experiences and different perspectives.

Colorism: Discrimination against individuals with darker skin tone, typically among the same ethnic or racial group.
12119025_1169988569683667_8387373739220412479_nSome of the questions we considered were: Continue reading