First Week of Classes at Bryn Mawr

New classes, fresh classmates, the R100, two dance ensemble auditions, a canceled culture show, and a winter snow storm later, I have finally finished my first week of classes at Bryn Mawr!


I am taking 4 classes this semester: Advanced Electronics Lab, Fundamentals of NutritionThree Faces of Chinese Power: Money, Might, and Minds, Might, and Fundamentals of Technical Theater. In addition, I successfully auditioned into the Hip-Hop and Jazz Ensembles.

This semester is one of many firsts. This is the first time I am taking a Penn class, my first time taking an 8 hour a week lab class, my first time taking a 300 level humanities class, my first time taking an Art/Theater class, and my first time attempting to dance in more than 1 dance ensemble at a time.

The homework is already piling up… just like the snow right now!!!
Outside of classes, I was been spending a lot of my extra time this week preparing for the A/ASA Culture Show this Friday. I postered, chalked, tabled, and designed the programs, and the culture show committee was putting together the finishing touches to our culture show game plan. They even held their tech and dress rehearsal Thursday night for all the performers to practice on the Goodhart stage.However, due to snow storm Jonas, the school decided to cancel all events after 6pm that Friday. In a panic of the moment, I had emailed the entire undergraduate community saying the culture show would still go on. Then, many of our featured guest performers cancelled due to concerns traveling in the snow. The Tri-Co transportation system announced it would close early making it impossible for Tri-Co audience members to travel to and from their schools. We ultimately decided to postpone the culture show until later in the semester and quickly made this announcement on all our social media outlets. The committee met later that night to discuss our next plan of action.CZYK8zEUsAALe_C

That Friday night, Bryn Mawr students hoarded food from the dining halls before returning to our rooms to brace for the storm. I grabbed 2 tangerines, 3 bananas, and 3 pears. Unexpectedly, I spent my Friday night being creatively productive. Since the culture show was postponed, I had time to make a radio show for my show Music Therapy on the WHRC Bi-Co Radio. It was, of course, themed “Snow Blizzard: Song related to snow.” I then wrote a film reflection for my Chinese political science class and fell asleep waiting to wake up to a winter wonderland.

You can listen to my radio shows archived here:
Show #8: Snow by Music Therapy on Mixcloud

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 10.42.04 AM