From a Senior to a First Year

Tonight was my dorm hall’s first Hall Tea. I got to know my neighbors, mostly first years, while eating ice cream. Admittedly, I don’t usually show up to all the hall teas, but I make an extra effort to attend the first one. It’s only respectful to my Hall Advisor who puts in so much work to organize these teas, and I truly am curious about what the first years on my hall are like. Ice cream was also a great lure (get it? Pokemon Go reference).


My room in Denbigh

Everyone I met was very friendly. When I arrived, a couple first years actually recognized me from my YouTube channel! A couple years ago during the summer between my first and second year at Bryn Mawr, I made a YouTube video about why I chose Bryn Mawr. It comes up in the search results when you search “Bryn Mawr College” on YouTube. Watching it now makes me cringe a little because although I love making YouTube videos (when I have time), it’s still weird to watch myself on the screen. Another girl also knew me before coming to Bryn Mawr because she reached out to me through following my personal blog on tumblr. What a coincidence that she lives on the same hall. If my video and blogging maybe helped some current first years choose Bryn Mawr, then I’m happy.

Meeting the first years on my hall also made me reminisce about my first year at Bryn Mawr. First years want to know things ranging from what Haverford boys and girls are like to how to print from their computers in the library. For them, high school was just yesterday, and I can’t wait until Bryn Mawr and college life carves out its own place in each of their hearts. In the meantime, I hope I came across as an upperclass woman who they could reach out to for help, which leads to some helpful tips I’d like to pass on to you, dear reader.

Some Helpful College Tips:

  1. Get enough sleep. I support sleep over all-nighters.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professors, DLT, upperclass women, faculty/staff, family, friends. Better earlier than later.
  3. If you are distracted, try taking a break by walking around, going to the gym, eating, short napping, talking to friends.
  4. Try NEW things. It’s college, go experiment with classes and social activities.
  5. Know and make use of college resources. (Health Office, Writing Center, Q Center, LILAC & CPD, internships, etc.) There are so many that go unnoticed & underused.
  6. Ask me! I’ll try to help or direct you to someone who can help.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy semester!

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