CPGC Post-Internship Dinner

On Thursday night, I attended the Haverford College CPGC Post-Internship Dinner to discuss my final reflections on my summer in China and to listen to others share their summer experiences. There were about 40 of us Bi-Co interns and Haverford House Fellows who spent their summers volunteering in the USA and abroad in over 8 different countries. Over a pizza and brownies dinner, we discussed instances where we felt we did good, where we felt privileged, lonely, happy, etc.unnamed
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48 Hour Film Marathon

I have absolutely no formal filmmaking experience, but that didn’t stop me from entering the 48 Hour Film Marathon hosted by Haverford Instructional Technology this weekend. This was the first time they were hosting such an event, and about 14 students from the Bi-Co showed up. In the end, only 3 Haverford teams stayed. I was the lone Bryn Mawr team of one. (Correction: apparently 1 Haverford team and 2 Bryn Mawr teams (including myself entered.)

In 48 hours, each team had to complete a film incorporating a certain prop and script line within a randomly assigned genre. The prop was a bowl of cereal and the line was, “I am not a fan of the cactus.” My genre was comedy.

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