Mastering the Art of Coffee House Studying

This weekend, one chance encounter with two of my friends at a Fall Student Dance Concert meeting ended in an afternoon spent studying at Hothouse Coffee. The next day, I would be back on the Mainline studying at La Colombe Coffee. I normally study in my room, so it was nice to get off campus to explore new study spaces. Coffee house studying was definitely something I knew many other students liked to do, but I never really got into it because I don’t really drink coffee.


Hothouse Coffee

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48 Hour Film Marathon

I have absolutely no formal filmmaking experience, but that didn’t stop me from entering the 48 Hour Film Marathon hosted by Haverford Instructional Technology this weekend. This was the first time they were hosting such an event, and about 14 students from the Bi-Co showed up. In the end, only 3 Haverford teams stayed. I was the lone Bryn Mawr team of one. (Correction: apparently 1 Haverford team and 2 Bryn Mawr teams (including myself entered.)

In 48 hours, each team had to complete a film incorporating a certain prop and script line within a randomly assigned genre. The prop was a bowl of cereal and the line was, “I am not a fan of the cactus.” My genre was comedy.

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