Dr. Jedidah Isler on “Blazing Quasars and Blazing Trails”

On Monday February 22, astrophysicist Jedidah Isler, Ph.D came to Bryn Mawr to speak about her research on quasars and her work advocating for women of color in physics and STEM in general. I attended both her 30 minute talk with Bryn Mawr physics students and her colloquium talk that same night.bb4b74c1-d872-4c9d-9832-599f0f88a22f

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The Liberal Arts & Pre-Professional Tracks

I was in my Nutrition class the other day at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing overhearing one of my classmates talk about the other nursing classes she was taking. Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, and Spanish. Another classmate complained about dealing with difficult patients during her nursing rounds at the hospital. Pretty much my entire class is in Penn’s undergraduate nursing program towards a Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) degree. As a liberal arts students, sometimes I cannot help but feel a little lost in my post-undergrad nursing track.PennNursing_Fagin-3-High300 Continue reading

Physics Research at Haverford with Maple Lee BMC’17

A couple weekends ago, I ran into my hell sister Maple Lee (BMC’17) while boarding the Blue Bus to Haverford for brunch. I don’t see her that often because she majors in Physics at Haverford, so most of her classes are there. After catching up with each other over brunch, we found out we were headed in the same direction – she to her Physics research lab and I to the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. I took a detour to the gallery by following Maple to her lab.dfe57225-5ff2-4fc9-ac84-b3e624763cbd

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