The Start of Spring Semester 2017

I survived my last first day of classes at Bryn Mawr College! Work is already piling up, but I am looking forward to many academic and personal pursuits I have lined up for Spring 2017. This quick blog post is an abridged run-down of my winter break, my first day of classes, and some things I plan on keeping busy with this semester.

Winter Break:

Break passed by so fast this time around. I am not sure if it’s because I enjoyed the company of my family and friends or because I spent almost every day studying for the GRE. Since I was not dancing everyday as I do in school, I tried to squeeze in some exercise by walking to and from my local library to study for the GRE. Some non-studying¬†highlights included watching Alvin Ailey Dance Company at the New York City Center for the first time, seeing the¬†Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest exhibit at The New Museum, playing a lot of Just Dance with my cousin and sister, and eating good holiday food. I also went to two career fair style job interview days in D.C. and NYC.

My First Day of Classes – Spring 2017:

Thankfully, I did not suffer much scheduling anxiety this semester. (I successfully got off the waitlist for Microbiology after unsuccessfully trying to enroll last year and frantically emailing the professor and my deans.) This semester, I will be taking 5 classes: Anatomy & Physiology II, Microbiology, Electromagnetic Theory, Hip Hop Ensemble, and African Ensemble. The first day of classes fell on a Tuesday where I only had Microbiology in the morning and Physics right after. Microbiology is a nursing prerequisite, but I am also interested in the intersections of biophysics and virology. My electromagnetic theory class was surprisingly bigger than I expected it to be — 19 people! It may very well be my largest upper level physics class I have taken.

I had to leave my physics class 10 minutes early to get to an interview in Philly for Temple Center for Asian Health. I had a great interview and will now be commuting (with the help of my handy, dandy Razor scooter!) every Tuesday and Friday afternoons to the office. Temple Center for Asian Health has been on my radar for the past two years, but when I first contacted them, they had no open internships. I contacted them again this past December and finally received an opportunity. I am excited to combine my passion for Asian American community organizing with research on health equity among racial minorities in the Philadelphia area.

I ended my day with a meeting for my friend Joy Chan’s thesis dance piece. Our costumes finally arrived in the mail, and I am in love with them. Stay tuned for more info on the February 17 & 18 showing…

A list of some things I look forward to in Spring 2017:

  • more job applications/interviews for post-grad
  • Temple Center for Asian Health
  • indie rock concerts in Philly / Haverford FUCS
  • free boxing (found some nice clothes today in the Denbigh & Merion free boxes)
  • girls nights out
  • connecting my coursework to nursing
  • seeing the same professors from different classes last semester
  • dance, dance, dancing
  • continuing my radio show
  • new & old friends
  • traditions
  • May Day
  • graduation

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