The Last Snowball

I am really not much of a “party-er,” but when it comes to making the most of senior year, that includes attending my last college parties. On Saturday December 2nd, Haverford hosted their annual Snowball, an end of the semester semiformal. The party is usually held in the Dining Center, but this year it was held in Founders. This weekend was already a pretty busy weekend with Senior Cocktails, FUCS, Performing Arts Series, and looming finals, but my friends and I made it out to Founders dressed in fancy dresses ready for the photo opportunities and the chicken tenders (and maybe some dancing and a little extra).


It was a massive disappointment to find that THERE WERE NO CHICKEN TENDERS AT SNOWBALL THIS YEAR. For us “borderline socialites,” the food really defines the event. Instead, Snowball served cupcakes, popcorn, rice krispy treats, and candy – a major downgrade.

That didn’t stop us from posing and taking some great photos to prove to social media that we were there. The nice thing about Founders Hall is that it really is a beautiful building. My friends and I took advantage of the porch lighting and the big windows. We made sure to take our photos in the beginning before we would enter the hot dance room. Snowball was actually very well attended this year, mostly by underclassmen I do not know (seriously, sooooooo many underclassmen but that’s ok). Thankfully, the DJ played classic popular songs circa 2009-2012 so we could sing along and dance.

This was actually only my second Snowball. The first time I attended was my sophomore  year. For some of my friends, this was their first and last Snowball before they graduate. It is nice to still experience new memories and meet new friends as a senior. Parties are also a great place to people watch if you’re into that. I would recommend making sure you go with a good group of friends, though. Your experience is really shaped by who you go with. As long as you like dancing and talking to your friends, everything won’t really matter.