Philadanco Master Class

Today, Philadanco led a free open master class open in Bryn Mawr College’s Pembroke studio. Philadanco, also known as the Philadelphia Dance Company, will perform tomorrow night Friday, September 23 at 8pm in Goodhart as part of the Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series. The performance is also part of Fringe Festival 2016. The Bryn Mawr College Dance Program has a partnership with the Performing Arts Series for hosting master classes with the visiting dance artists. This is a wonderful opportunity for Tri-Co students to interact with and learn from word class artists.IMG_5178Philadanco’s master class was taught by two company members. They introduced themselves to us at the beginning of the class and talked about their dance paths that led them to dancing with Philadanco. Then the class started with warm ups. The warm up was very ballet-esque consisting of back stretches, plies, tendus, and leg swings. After the warm up and across the floors, the class learned a Philadanco style combination. There was a live piano accompanist, and the Director of the Dance Program Dr. Linda Caruso Haviland, Associate Director Madeline Cantor, and curator of the Performing Arts Series Lisa Kraus were also present to observe the class.

I have been attending these special dance master classes since freshman year. I don’t always know what to expect, but I always like to learn new styles of dance. This particular master class was one of the most difficult classes technique-wise. I have danced ballet since I was young, but I think ballet is still one of the most demanding styles of dance no matter how long one has formally trained! I was glad to see many familiar and new faces at the master class, and I am beyond excited to see Philadanco perform tomorrow night in front of a full house audience! This will also be my first Performing Arts Series event as an employee of the Bryn Mawr Arts Office!


Unfortunately, due to popular demand and expected partner Fringe Arts sales, Bryn Mawr Performing Arts Series is unable to release any more TRICO tickets prior to the evening of the performance. They hope to be able to release any available tickets by 8pm and invite you to come to McPherson to see if you can catch this great evening of dance. Thank you for your interest, and we are looking forward to a FULL HOUSE on Friday!

Tickets are still available for purchase through Bryn Mawr Performing Arts Series Brown Paper Tickets and through the Fringe website.