In The Swing Of Things

Yesterday was Fall Frolic, which means it’s time for student clubs and activities (and academic work) to get in full swing. This was actually the first time since my first year at Bryn Mawr that I didn’t have to table for a club. In the past, I have tabled for both the Asian Students Association and for Choom Boom K-Pop Dance Club. This time, I walked by the club booths and ate the brownies served by Erdman. Signing up for a student club is an excellent way to meet new friends and explore new hobbies. Although I didn’t sign up for many new clubs because of time constraints, I couldn’t wait to see who would join clubs I was already part of. (If you missed Fall Frolic, you can join club listservs here.)

IMG_4962I think students are most openminded and willing to try new things at the start of academic years, which is why Fall Frolic was held even earlier this year. Riding off of this positive energy, I thought it was also strategic of LILAC/CPD to host the first Senior Advantage Reception of the year in Wyndham tonight. There were sliders, desserts, and even wine. The big lure was the SEPTA day pass raffle, something many of the Bryn Mawr College events do to attract students (I won one!). Of course, all of this really was for LILAC/CPD to announce the programming schedule of career prep, resources, and panel discussions they have planned for the semester (check out that new, color-coded calendar of events!). The Getting Into Grad School Event and LILAC Flashing Learning Sessions sound very useful. I definitely plan on attending as many as I can.IMG_4968

Unfortunately, I had to leave the reception a little early because I had a Jazz Dance Audition in Pembroke Studio (hopefully I get in!). Auditions for the Arts Programs at Bryn Mawr College (click link for audition dates and times for dance, theater, music, voice) have also already started, and I highly recommend trying out for something –even if you have no prior experience!

The start of the school year is always an exciting, yet very busy time!

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