Getting Ready for Spring Dance Concert 2016

This week is tech week for the Bryn Mawr College Dance Department’s Annual Spring Dance Concert. Bryn Mawr and Haverford dancers, faculty choreographers, and theater lighting and backstage managers all work together to prepare for the show this weekend April 23 & 24 in Goodhart. It is a stressful and tiring time of the year, including schoolwork, but we somehow manage to get through 3 hour rehearsals, costume fittings, lighting design, getting used to stage spacing, etc…


That’s me in the center from African Ensemble in the Spring Dance Concert 2014.

The Dance Program will present Bryn Mawr and Haverford students dancing in the works of professional and student choreographers:

Ballet – Colby Damon
Modern -Vicky Shick
Jazz – Lauren Putty White
Hip Hop – Melanie Cotton
Modern – Linda Caruso Haviland
African – Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Student Choreography – Joie Waxler

Admission is FREE to the Public and Tri-Co. No ticket is needed. A reception will follow each performance.

Saturday, 23rd @ 6:30pm in Goodhart
Sunday, 24th @ 7:30pm in Goodhart
Facebook Event
More info on Bryn Mawr College Dance Blog

I am in the Jazz and Hip Hop Ensembles this year. This is also my third consecutive performance in the Dance Department Spring Concert! Lauren Putty White and Melanie Cotton are two inspiring, talented, empowered women of color artists that have taught me so much this past semester. I am thankful to have worked with them and thankful toward the dance department for bringing in professional dancers from Philadelphia to our school.

Tech week so far has been pretty tiring. Both of the pieces I am in still need some cleaning and one needs some extra rehearsal time. It is even hotter rehearsing on stage under the stage lights than in practice time in the studio. Dancers are also expected to dance “full out” during tech week as if it were a real concert for best practice. After rehearsal, my body is very physically tired, and I need it to recuperate to dance again the next day.

Tech week is also a bonding experience between the dancers because we get ready together, dance responsively to each other during performance, and take pictures together in the dressing room. I do enjoy watching other pieces in the concert on my down time between my two dances and doing my makeup and hair for performance. I received my costumes this Monday and am in love with them. My hip hop costume involves fish net and face masks and my jazz costume has some sparkle to it.

I enjoy the thrill of performing in front of lots of people, so I know I will get through tech week and be ready for the actual performance. It would mean a lot to us dancers if the Bryn Mawr community showed up and supported us. My parents are also driving from New Jersey to watch.

There are 2 more days until the dance concert! Hope to see you there!