WHRC Bi-Co Radio

Do you know who first broadcasted the 1st transatlantic chess game over radio?



Last night was the WHRC Bi-Co Radio kickoff meeting. The WHRC radio started at Haverford College in 1923. Over the years, it has become Bi-Co and web-based (partially due to the shift from live radio to podcasting). Things are looking good for WHRC this year, though. They were recently promised a state of the art studio space in VCAM (Visual Culture Arts and Media Center set to open Spring 2017 in Ryan Gym) with Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities. For now, they have a space in the Band Room under the DC and a very dedicated board of student leaders from both Bryn Mawr and Haverford. I even heard that KCass will be getting her own radio show on Tuesdays in the afternoons!

While technically I joined as a radio DJ last year, I confess I only uploaded music for one radio slot. But things are going to change this year! I will commit to my Fridays 10-11PM slot. Just have to think of a theme for my show… I was thinking of using my radio show to promote the Bryn Mawr Concert Series by playing some songs of past and future¬†artists we brought to perform at Bryn Mawr, but we’ll see…