FUCS: Rico Nasty // Eu1ogy

To round off my weekend of fun before Sunday’s homework duties call me, I went to the FUCS show at Haverford on Saturday night. The performers were Eu1ogy and Rico Nasty, both up and coming artists whom I have never heard of before. This was the first FUCS show of the Spring semester, and I was glad I made it out to enjoy my numbered free college concerts before I graduate.

This is the event info from FUCS:

lil yachty just hopped on her track hey arnold….check it

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/nilbog696
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yr0gPeWBqI
READ: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/music/2016/10/rico-nasty-lil-yachty-hey-arnold


LISTEN: https://eu1ogy.bandcamp.com/

I did not do my usual background search on what type of concert I would be getting myself into. I just hopped on the Bi-Co Blue Bus with a friend and was prepared for a surprise. I know FUCS shows can span all different types of genres and styles of music.

Eu1ogy opened the concert with some interesting screamo, metal, electronic pieces. At one point, he took off his shirt and moshed with some students in the front. He also wore this balaclava and had this black and white cartoon as a backdrop to his performance. Some pieces were accompanied by his bass, others he just played with his electronic looper. While his music is not what I am used to, I am always open to listening to new sounds.

Rico Nasty performed next. She is a rapper, and I would describe her style as fast flow talk rap. A lot of her songs contain the word “Bitch” in the lyrics. Her beats are pretty catchy and happy sounding. It was easier to dance to her songs. I was a fan of her long straight orange-red hair. A group of Bryn Mawr students were very into her songs and danced all out in the front rows.

Going to this FUCS show on the first weekend I have been primarily at Bryn Mawr reminded me to enjoy these typical “college life” experiences a little more. Yes, I can go out wherever and whenever I want now since turning 21, but these underground free concerts in Lunt basement at Haverford are only unique to my time at Bryn Mawr. I’ll miss small talk on the Blue Bus, stashing my jacket in the Lunt laundry room, watered down beer, and awkwardly trying to dance to experimental screamo rap because I associate all of those with FUCS shows and my college experience.