Senior Cocktails #2: Deep Sea

Senior Cocktails #2 of the year happened Friday December 2nd in Erdman Common Room. The theme was Deep Sea / Under the Sea, and class presidents Priyanka Dutta and Hannah Henderson-Charnow¬†once again delivered a spectacular party. They spent hours prior to the party decorating the plain common room according to the theme. There were inflatable whales and a swan, multiple backdrops with lights and streamers, “squids” made from suspended umbrellas and string, and an excellent selection of snacks and drinks.15326348_10155137374872923_344013225295356094_n

Seniors were encouraged to dress according to theme. My friend Joy and I interpretted this loosely and decided to go in matching silk pajama shirts. We strived for comfort but felt quite fashion forward to be honest. Between bites of sushi and cream puffs, Joy and I indulged in taking outrageous photos with the blow up whale and swan. Senior cocktails is not only a party opportunity, but a photo opportunity and dress up opportunity.

whale up #seniorcocktails #bmcbanter

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I hope to attend every senior cocktail this year because you only live one. And you’re only a Bryn Mawr senior once. I also vow to contribute to the Senior Cocktails juice fund every time because our class presidents put in a lot of work to make senior cocktails a high quality party.