The Senior Mentality: Class, Colloquium, and … Cocktails

I think many seniors can agree with me that senior year is our one last time to do the things we love at Bryn Mawr College. This includes trying new things, whether that means taking a class outside your major, going out into Philadelphia more often, making new friends, or finally getting around to taking advantage of Bryn Mawr’s resources. Senior year is our victory lap, and you bet we are going to celebrate from time to time. Enter in Senior Cocktails, a themed “classy” party organized by our class presidents multiple times throughout the year. Last Saturday October 1 was the first senior cocktail of the year. The theme was “Starry Night” and many seniors showed up to have some fun.14495336_10154956450432923_7816181695847348329_n

Senior cocktails are traditionally always held in Rhoads Dining Hall. I think Rhoads Dining Hall is an architecturally beautiful room that goes underused. That night, Rhoads Dining Hall transformed into our party space with strings of lights, dance music, tall cocktail tables, classy crackers, cheese, fruits, and desserts, and, of course, some wine. Mawrters dressed either according to theme or just cocktail black. Many Mawrters reunited with their customs group from their first year to take a throwback picture. Others took classy photos with their friends.

I personally like to go to these events to fill up on cream puffs, one glass of wine, and to take classy pictures with my friends. This senior cocktail was the same night as the ASA culture show, so I was a little tired and left early. But, I’m looking forward to the next cocktail and the next theme reveal! I like dressing up from time to time — it’s a nice change from the predominantly sweatpants look I rock during the week (because that’s typical women’s college fashion)! Hoping for more cream puffs, dessert wine, and maybe some louder music so I can dance.