Winter Break To-Do List

When I experienced my first college winter break, I thought it was too long. Compared to high school where we only had 2 weeks, college break is about a month long. This calls for some serious planning or else my winter break will pass by in a blur.


view from the Whitney Art Museum

This winter break, I had originally planned to visit my roommate in Thailand, but I forgot that my UPenn class starts a week earlier than Bryn Mawr classes, so I had to cancel my trip. I did not apply to an externship with a Bi-Co alum this year either because I thought I would be in Thailand. No fancy vacations for me this break (and no snow 🙁 )…. but still a ton of things to do:

  • Family Reunion with the Cousins
  • High School Friends
  • Family Friends
  • A/ASA Culture Show Publicity
  • Re:Humanities Submissions Review
  • Trips to NYC
  • Internship search***

So far, I’ve spent a lot of time with my family and friends out in NYC and my hometown in NJ. I’m very close to my mother’s side of the family, and my grandmother likes to take me out to eat if I drive her. I also got to see my cousins (some I haven’t seen for over 8 years!) and friends. My sister goes back to school on January 3rd because she is on the quarter system and has been on winter break since Thanksgiving.

My internship search hasn’t been going so well. I haven’t had much alone time to work on essays, so I’ll have to prioritize this for the remainder of break. Also pretty high on my list of things to do are Re:Humanities submissions reviews and culture show publicity initiatives. Re:Humanities submissions were due January 1st at midnight. The working group must comment and rate each submission and decide which to accept and reject by early February. The culture show is on Friday January 22nd the week we get back from break. I’ll need to poster and post on social media like crazy to get people to come.

I know when I get back to school, I’ll be so busy with school that I need to get these things done before break ends…