Obligatory Fall Break Post

Fall break is finally upon us! Let us bask in this week of no classes until midterms (part 2) hit us again…

(Fall break is a privilege. Most schools do not have a fall break. If they do have a fall break, it’s usually just a 3 or 4 day weekend, not a full week enjoyed by the lucky few private liberal arts colleges and universities. )

What do Mawrters do over fall break? Some of us study, some of us don’t. Some of us go home or travel, some of us can’t. Some of us have to stay on campus because those taking UPenn classes still have class. Some of us have to stay on campus because they live too far away. Most of us are happy it’s fall break.

Javelin at Palisades, Brooklyn

Javelin at Palisades, Brooklyn

What have I been up to this fall break? I’m fortunate to live close enough to Bryn Mawr that I can go home every break. After my last class on Friday, I rushed out to do some last minute packing and ran to the SEPTA train station in 6 minutes (a new record!). I took the Megabus to NYC and ran into a Bryn Mawr friend and alum (Class of ’14) on the bus. We sat together, and I updated her on Bryn Mawr while she told me how much she missed the Haffner salad bar. Coincidentally, there were two Swarthmore students and a Penn and Drexel student sitting across from us. (Like I’ve said many times, the Tri-Co is very small). Traffic was bad, but we made it to NYC in about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Some highlights from my break so far include a dinner + concert date in Korea Town and Brooklyn for the Javelin concert, a reunion with my AAIFF film festival interns from Summer 2014, lunch with my mom where she updated me on parents’ weekend at Carleton College for my sister, and a day spent in my hometown with my aunt and grandma. I’ve also plan to visit friends at Vassar and Marist, possibly go to Open House New York, and record my WHRC radio show Music Therapy before returning to Bryn Mawr. (I had initially intended to do my radio show on the theme of Relaxation for this Friday, but I think I’ll play Guerilla Toss, Zula, and Javelin music from the concert I went to. You can listen to last Friday 10/9’s show on ‘Homesick’ here on Mixcloud.)

I also have to find some downtime to do some homework…

Wishing the rest of my Mawrters a Happy Fall Break!