Tip to Save $$$ on Passport Photos

Dear my fellow Mawrters. Ever needed to get a passport photo taken for an international trip, citizenship, etc.? Look no further, I got you covered. I used to think that the only way to get passport photos taken in this area were to get them taken at the Bryn Mawr Post Office. They charge $15 for 2 photos. This trick will save you $14.69.1336500120730

Here are the US guidelines. I needed passport photos for my visa for my Haverford CPGC internship. I was stupid to buy the photos at the post office the first time. Then my mom told me of this app and I’m never going back.

  1. Download the app ID PhotoPrint in iOS for FREE. Or ID Photo Free in Android.
  2. Take a photo using the grid lines on the camera lens.
  3. Edit photo if necessary.
  4. Save photo in camera roll.
  5. Export photo to computer.
  6. Make account at CVS.
  7. Upload photo to CVS Printing services.
  8. Choose 4×6 sizing, glossy finish.
  9. Choose a location for pickup.
  10. Pay $0.29 when picking up. Same day pickup available.

There are two CVS stores near Bryn Mawr. One near Hope’s Cookies and one near the Haverford Duck Pond. Very convenient for you.

For $0.29, you get 6 passport sized photos. Cut to separate them. That was easy. CVS has a Mothers Day sale right now to get 20% off all photo prints. So I paid $0.22 for 6 passport photos!

I just saved you a whole lot of money. You’re welcome.