Hell Week is…

Hell Week is….10361382_10153465868772923_5187131700175097748_n

  1. Welcoming the First Years (WTF) (students & faculty/staff)
  2. Building relationships between upperclass students and first years
  3. Owning your sexuality
  4. Building confidence
  5. Time for the entire campus to come together and support each other
  6. A longer line to get into Goodhart performances than plenary
  7. A plug to get you to go to Plenary (which you should)
  8. A tradition
  9. Optional

Hell Week may be…1900057_278797265606649_485021313_n

  1. The deciding factor for why you chose to stay at BMC (not transfer)
  2. Some healthy stress to put together a nice proposal or schedule
  3. Super emotionally gooey with love and tears of joy
  4. Serious practice to synchronize some sick dance moves
  5. The ONLY time you will get to perform on TGH or Goodhart stage (unless you are involved in the performing arts)
  6. Actual academic hell because it’s near midterms

Hell Week is NOT…1780850_10152700362032923_1780471338_n

  1. Hazing
  2. An excuse to not follow the law or the rules
  3. A week
  4. Hell

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